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Whether you're shopping for water filtration systems, air purifiers or need to get your vacuum cleaner fixed, you can turn to Aerus for assistance. Visit our store in Fort Worth, TX today.

ActivePure Technology Can Remove Airborne Contaminants

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Other Brands Can't Compete With Aerus

Other Brands Can't Compete With Aerus

We install state-of-the-art air purification systems in Fort Worth, TX and the surrounding area

Not all air purifiers are designed to reduce airborne and surface contaminants - that's why Aerus products stand out from the rest. If you live or do business in the greater Fort Worth, TX area, we can help you pick out the right system for your home or workspace.

Aerus air purification systems are designed to reduce...

  • Harmful contaminants like mold and VOCs
  • Viruses, including the one that causes COVID-19
  • Foul odors from sources like cigarette smoke and mildew

We can set up an Aerus air purification system in your apartment building, condominium building, gym, home, office building, restaurant, retail store or school. These systems even purify the air on public transit!

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